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    A day with Nokia 925 review (english)



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    A day with Nokia 925 review (english)

    Post by Admin on Tue May 19, 2015 8:17 am

    This so called review is not meant to be exhaustive but are some observations of a phone owner who has never used a Nokia phone and never the less the operating system Windows Phone 8 will therefore be as little biased in this Article.

    I was years iPhone user but that the Apple decided that it is better to use the phone line aceaiaşi for years led me to look for market alternatives and how I had a tablet with Android and knew about Android can and I said to the risk and to get a phone with Windows Phone 8. In the final race remaining two phones, namely the Lumia 1020 which pleased me no thanks "eye" of the camera high enough and for me and a phone must be especially convenient'm not the type to pull the phone out of your pocket and take pictures every five minutes and thus no appeal winner was Nokia Lumia 925 and please believe me that I did not bad place seemed on the contrary!
    The phone I bought from a site with very low cost tradition with fixed body being sealed with two years warranty zile.


    First phone contact was very positive because the machine impresses with design pretty good, a little ragged but with slightly rounded edges Cigar as it is included aluminum and high quality plastic back device ensuring a firm grip in the hand, not to mention very carefully Gorilla Glass screen combined with the rest of the casing and the impression is more than a factor " Wow "because for most people's tastes a diagonal of 4.5 inches is more than enough in that area is more than generous and yet very good in daily use.The phone is worked more than the premium range neat impression User leaving obvious feeling very expensive.You uses a device but do not expect to be able to use the phone easily with one hand may only those who have fairly large hands.
    For we are all at the screen it is one with AMOLED technology which due to its constructive peculiarities front of a classic IPS impresses with very bright colors sparkle and at one time quite unnatural but this can be corrected to some extent by the facility to adjust the color and color temperature of the screen and so I recommend that you adjust the tip is a little pale in line with the reality.Tot here searching through settings will find a setting like "battery saver" that I recommend it unreservedly to enable increasing significantly more than during the Battery life is within the normal limits of smartphones today than two days ie normal use ie say 10 to 15 calls a day, possibly music and casual browsing, two hours and stand-by pornit.Talking about the consumer wireless and duration of use will recommend activating the "batery saver" that does its job very well and even effectively lengthens the life of the battery by reducing screen brightness or cutting standby function wireless all could change the settings in the Settings app you will find respective.Tot and "glance screen" that can leave you started and so have non-stop on-screen digital clock, depending on the otherwise very interesting and not consume a lot of resources, ie a maximum of one two percent of battery and this feature is likely to be in the future (the next updates), and improved display various phone and mail notifications or weather which would be more than function can be ussefull. It is set to stop certain hours to consume and less bateria.All the welcome screen and function can work with the phone even with gloves on your hands and what brings an extra feature.Display the possibility of adjusting the brightness in three steps and here it might have been useful a slider which can be more finely adjust the brightness but it can be set to adjust depending on the ambiental light .Here I must to say that the screen is readable in direct sunlight but with settings set to medium brightness or to maxim.The "batery saver" may be set to "cut off" the screen brightness to a certain.  percentage of remaining battery function is signalized entrance through a heart-shaped symbol will appear over the battery indicator.


    Who would have imagined that WPhone 8 will have a strong rebound this year but some changes made ​​by Microsoft and the famous user interface "tile" with real-time update will return to This OS that life really is amazing and maybe better than Android, is a stable, fast and quite intuitiv.Este a system that will amaze you at how smoothly it and timely information system by tiles is absolutely perfect ten beautiful on screen but by being very practical and assure you that you will rediscover the pleasure of shopping through Windows Store apps to search any beautify your screen start.E and here comes the great pain of Windows Phone because it is not very well versed in the applications as competing offer being quite poor but if you want to do some special things with your phone you will most certainly find alternatives to almost all owners apps.FACEBOOK Microsoft has an app but that is quite OK, TUNE IN RADIO is prominently instead of Feedly to say I found using NEXTGEN READER happy working in the background with Feedly app being substituted by POUCH POCKET that is based on the above mentioned application and the list Some applications can continue being even more successful than the original but it still does not excuse the store poverty WINDOWS.Nu'd better haunted by Store before purchasing a WP8 phone but I really do not believe you will not find what you like finding phone installed and ready office suite.
    The main camera of the phone has 8 megapixel. and an aperture of F2 is a pretty good camera overall by Carl Zeiss optical block and optical stabilization, with Dual LED Flash system by more than decent photos, the icing on the cake being an owner NOKIA SMART CAM application where you can play in real time with various settings like ISO, aperture, shutter speed, focus manually and other application usage is a real enthusiast for plăcere.Oricum those from Nokia have always understood at the camera and that the the 925 take pictures as good if not better than the camera on iPhone 5.Mare attention to a seemingly minor detail but that can disappoint a whole and that the pictures appear brightly colored and made ​​better if the phone screen than when you display them on the computer screen where they will be much more pale than what you would have expected given the difference being AMOLED display, but nevertheless Lumia 925 takes good pictures is HD video 2013.Camera year and from 1080 to 1030 fps shooting and you can light from the LEDs on the back side, yet with specific limitations of phone cameras and even higher transfer rate is still occurring at a macro block image fast moving images and the transitions from dark to light brusc.Cei are quite willing to make a camera phone in daily use or for those who do not give a second phone in hand to take pictures, so they recommend for all 1020 model that is unrivaled in the photo-video.Lângă camera and sensor is the automatic screen brightness adjustment which does its job quite well. The audio conversations or phone calls are heard loud and clear almost like an HD mode so that my interlocutors could not complain about a problem in including the call quality is quite reuşită.The speaker for audio playback is located in the lower back and carefully as you let the phone on the table or other flat objects as speaker slot is Stopper immediately ringer volume declined sharply and may even lose some motiv.Existing and calls this function "MUTE RING" that cancellation quick ring to it must turn your phone screen down and this function can be activated in settings.The sound of speaker is quite loud and clear not quite impressive reasonable limits whatsoever, in exchange flawless playback with headphones is available in a graphic equalizer settings a pretty good.
    I state benchmark tests never do because I consider them quite Instead I installed questionable on this phone games including SPEED RACING couple we have not only managed to bring down the phone battery and here comes an issue that probably take into account all the new generation smartphone users with large screens and bright namely that the weakest point in a phone right now it is battery and once again urges me this advice to have implemented phone battery management solution without the phone is quite fast and a toy without power Nokia does not make any exception to this rule. We should not forget that if you buy this device will have to get used to another operating ecosystem of another language which may be difficult but equally a challenge. With the phone very well implemented and quite high transfer speeds in browsing and considering that an average user uses about 30 applications a phone ecosystem are sure you will find the Nokia Lumia 925 is a reliable companion that you use as phone, messaging, gaming console or device foto.The hapiness to use it depends only on you!


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